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by bigone on November 11, 2015 Comments Off on Dr Cermin Sdn Bhd Services
  1. service-bulleyeBulls Eye
    A circular cracks occurred after impact with sharp circular objects such as rocks.
  2. service-halfmoonHalf Moon
    A semi-circle shape, the half moon crack is caused by sharp circular obejcts, however unlike the bullseye crack, half moon crack is not
    completely circular.
  3. service-starStar Break
    Star breaks are small cracks that is shaped in a starburst pattern.
  4. service-combinationCombination Break
    When multiple types of chips and cracks occur within one windscreen, resulting in extensive damage.
  5. service-edgeEdge Crack
    The most common type of cracks that happen within 1.5 inches of windscreen’s edge
  6. service-chipChip
    These occurs when hard objects cause small pieces if glass to come off the windscreen.
  7. service-floaterFloater Crack
    A cracks that start in the middle of the windscreen stretching at least 2 inches long
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